Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! However you got here, I’d love for you to stay a while.

I’m just your average 20-something girl trying to navigate this crazy life of faith, adulthood, marriage, motherhood, relationships, and all the little moments that make up our beautiful lives.

I’m a wife, momma, and writer. Sometimes my words touch people and move hearts, but most often they are only read by a faithful few, and I’m A-OK with that. I write because writing brings me joy.

Go ahead and take a look around & browse through the topics. You won’t find preaching or teaching here. What you will find is real talk. Genuine, honest and personal stories from me and a few other beautiful souls, paired with encouragement and hope.

Above all else, I live to know Christ and make Him known.

I’m glad you stopped by. Here’s hoping you read something in these pages that causes your heart to come alive, and to love our Savior more than you did before.