let’s be the generation that will shift america

I had a vision of the USA dangling on strings from the top of a huge skyscraper. You could tell that there used to be many strong ropes holding it, and keeping it from falling/collapsing. In fact, it used to be not even dangling, but solid, steady and established, above the skyscraper.

But now as I was looking, America was on the verge of its’ death/destruction. As I watched, I saw the strings getting weaker and weaker, until one by one they started snapping. The nation kept getting heavier and heavier and soon was only held by one or two strings that were getting weaker by the minute. America was about to plummet to its’ death.

THEN I SAW on top of the skyscraper many young people walking up to the edge and they began praying. More and more kept coming, praying as they came. As they prayed, with each prayer a string would shoot down and steady the tottering country. As more prayers came out of their mouths, more strings would go down to catch the nation. Soon as many strings were breaking, more strings would catch on right behind them.

Soon the prayers became really strong ropes. As I watched, the intercession increased in momentum, strength and volume and slowly the ropes began pulling the country up. America began to rise and be rescued.

The vision ended with this scene. Truly God is a God of mercy. It is NOT TOO LATE FOR AMERICA.

If the church will pray, our nation can be saved.

The LORD did not give me the end of this vision, I believe because it is not yet written in heaven’s history books. It is up to us. The future of America truly rests on our shoulders.

The destiny of America belongs to the intercessors. We can pull this country up through our prayers!

START NOW! By yourself, on your knees in your bedroom, YOU can change your nation.

1 thought on “let’s be the generation that will shift america”

  1. Yeah. Wow. That was so good. Praise God that He is raising up a generation of young watchmen and intercessors to stand in the gap and strengthen those ropes. HE moves at the sound of our voice! No matter how weak our prayers seem. This is encouraging.

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