through the eyes of an intercessor

HAITI 2009

Worship and Intercession is like building a throne over people and regions for Jesus to sit upon and rule from.

I see nations. I see with His eyes….I see His people, His bride. From every nation, tribe, and tongue. I see the way things were always supposed to be..the way He dreamed them up before time. I see how it all was supposed to be, and how it is now, and my heart turns over inside me.  I see it all and my heart stirs with the passion that I feel from His heart toward it all and that passion makes me unable to do anything but stand as an intercessor and worshiper and cry out for this to be done. For His will to be done in the earth.

That is why I choose to stand as an intercessor. That is why I make it one of my most important ambitions call down things from heaven into the earth, to proclaim His kingdom everywhere I go, to declare the things that are not as though they are. That is why I step into the heavenly realms and bring it down to the earth.

I do it because I FEEL HIS HEART. I feel the weight of His desire for humanity. I feel the yearning and the longing of a bridegroom for his bride.

I am here because I SEE, and I FEEL.

I will never choose to look the other way in the face of suffering and agony because I have seen to much, I have felt too much, and we have shared too much. I know Him.

There is a story much bigger than MY LIFE. There is so much more going on than just MY world and MY problems and MY story. I would rather be part of that. Sometimes our own dreams are just too small.

I have stepped into the greater story and I will never look back.

With eyes on Him, and heart set on eternity, I plow through obstacles and I overcome because there’s something much bigger than me. With my gaze fixed straight ahead I choose to run this race so that I may gain the prize to which I have been called.

This is it and there’s nothing else I want.

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