taking your breath away.



All that I am, all that I do, every place I go, what I choose to spend my time doing,
ALL OF IT- I want it to bleed my love for Jesus Christ.

I have learned a lot over the last few years.

One of the most beautiful things that the Lord has touched my heart with is this truth:

In every season there is something  precious that I can give him.

This time last year, I was pouring out my heart to Him through tears. I was sitting on my bed in a quiet room upstairs of my new apartment, having just moved in a few days before. Not quite sure what was going to happen, hopeful for something I had been asking Him for, and having to hang on while He chose to not answer me at the moment. I was asking for a certain something to happen in my life, and it wasn’t happening.  I was confused and just didn’t understand.

It was then that He whispered such a beautiful truth into my soul that has stayed with me forever.

“You can love me now in a way you won’t be able to when seasons change.”

I resolved right then to not let the tears go to waste.

If I am here in this time of frustration and confusion and heartbreak, I am going to love Him while I’m in it. I’m going to give Him my tears as worship. Because they’re all I have.

I can love Him right now in the middle of this heartbreak in a way I can’t when everything is okay.

The worship in the middle of my dry and barren places is precious because it’s real. It’s so genuine and it’s all I have. When I worship in the times of joy it is beautiful, but when I worship in the times of sorrow it is breathtaking.

Why? Because it’s a different kind of worship. It’s RARE.

The angels can’t give Him that kind of worship.

People who have everything together and are happy can’t give him that kind of worship at the moment.

It is breathtaking to Him when He sees my face toward heaven as tears are running down my face in heartbreak and I am telling Him how beautiful He is. It captures Him when I am curled up in sorrow but saying “You are worth it and I choose You.”

So I have resolved to never let those opportunities to love Him go to waste.

I will love Him through this ache. I will worship Him with my tears.

Because He is worthy of it, every drop.

May my life be one unhindered fragrance of worship. When the whole of my life is woven together as a tapestry before His eyes at the end of my days, may it bleed the sweet incense of WORSHIP, LOVE, ADORATION and DEVOTION.

May my life scream His matchless worth, all of my days and all of eternity.


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