Advocating Adoption for Foster Children

His eyes were full of defiance. Over the months I worked with him, I grew to deeply love and care for *Adam. He was an only child, raise by a single mom. Every day she would come to pick him up, and take him to the next place where someone else would watch him. He had little stability in his life. He was extremely capable, smart and sometimes even demonstrated overachiever qualities. There was so much potential in this 4-year old. Yet his most important source of love, growth and stimulation was non-existant. As he grew older he became more restless, anxious, mean, and angry. There was just something missing in his life. He lacked love, nurturing, security and most importantly, the father’s love and blessing that establishes identity in a person.

If a person continues to grow without receiving these vital elements, they will very likely be dysfunctional in society as adults. Dysfunctional homes produce dysfunctional people. Environments directly affect those who inhabit them. A child who lacks the stability and security of a family or place of belonging will become an adult who lacks identity. Some grow to be extremely successful and those are the stories we are all inspired by. “Street kid rises above circumstances to become NFL football star” Many, however, will have the opposite story. These are the ones we read about or see on the news, the criminals, the pedophiles, the prisoners. It is not presumptuous to say that almost every prisoner in our jail systems comes from a dysfunctional background. See “The Real Root Causes of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of Marriage, Family, and Community”

We as humans are like flowers. We need sunlight, water, gentle nurturing and care in order to grow properly. If one or more of these things are missing, the flower will not grow properly.

Orphans. What comes to mind when we hear that word? Statistics? Numbers? Faceless millions? Maybe when we hear the word “orphan”, our minds think automatically of distant lands across the ocean. Maybe we picture a ragged bunch of dirty kids roaming the streets and begging for change. Perhaps we think of little children standing in long lines waiting to get a measly amount of food to fill their empty stomachs.

Right here, within our borders, they are everywhere. America’s orphans are actually taken care of by the government. They dwell within foster homes across the nation, or in group homes facilitated by staff. All of them have the same cry within their soul, because it’s the cry that every one of us has. We are people, and we want to belong. We want to be taken care of. We want to feel safe and secure.

We just want to be loved.

That’s what every one of us truly wants.

Children in foster care are often are tossed around from home to home, because when it comes down to it, we do not have the time, resources, and energy needed to deal with them. No one really wants them. Families do not want them enough to commit to them for life. Many have already suffered sexual abuse and trauma before being placed in government-run homes, and many more will be abused while in these homes. Sexual abuse is extremely common and has almost become the norm. We hear of this every day. We are used to lumping together stories of sexual abuse into one large sum of statistics. However, how does just one encounter affect a young person? We should consider just one child’s life and the confusion, hurt, and ill-timed awakening to sexuality that comes with abuse, as well as the emotional, spiritual and physical baggage they will now have to sort through in their life. Many will go on to become abusers themselves. There is much, much work to be done in order to bring hope and healing to America’s children and, ultimately, America’s future. All the while they are growing and getting older and one day very, very soon, when they turn 18, they will have “aged out” of the system, no longer able to be cared for by the government, which means they are on their own. They will have to fend for themselves. If no one has adopted them, they truly have no one to help them. These children, barely adults, will have to get a job, find a place to live, and figure out what to do with their lives all on their own.

As they grow older, many of these children fear with each passing year that they are less adoptable because people want babies or toddlers, and they are not cute anymore; in addition, now they have teenage or grown-up issues that we do not have the time or energy to deal with, or quite plainly do not want to deal with.

There is something not quite right about walking into a foster home and knowing that this is where kids LIVE. They live here in this building every day of their lives, with many other children, and no parents. There are caregivers, but there are not steady people in their lives to guide them and raise them up to be who they were created to be. The stability and security of parents, or even one parent, does not exist for them.

Clearly, there is something wrong. Not ONE person should be left out of family, of belonging. What happens to a person’s heart when they grow up without the basic neccessity of family? As an adult, that person will feel lost, lonely, and will not know who they are.

One day Jesus will have a feast with every single person who was ever forgotten, abandoned, on the outside looking in, left out, waiting for their turn, unloved, unseen, invisible. He will gather them in, and they will be a family. IT WILL BE THE FATHER’S FAMILY, AND THE SON’S BRIDE.

But in the meantime, is this all the hope there is? These homes run by the government, are they all the hope there is for these kids with no parents? Because absent parents are the same as no parents. They are simply not there, non-existant.

Children who do not belong to a mom and a dad is truly a crisis. What indefinitely happens when there is a crisis? People are concerned and do everything they can to help, to keep things from going wrong, and to redeem what has gone wrong.

That is not what is happening in America right now. Not a whole lot of help is coming to remedy this gaping wound.

I am speaking now for the church, the body of Christ. What should our response be to all of this? If there is a crisis in our land, must we not rise up and be the answer, the remedy, the help?

As the church, WE are called to change things. You are called, and I am called, to turn the tides of fatherlessness in our nation. We are called to end the loneliness of abandoned or unwanted children. Because there is a crisis in America, We, the body of Jesus Christ, are required to do something about it. That means that we are called to take the kids that no one wants.

That means that I, as a 23 year old single woman, am called to be a mother to children that do not have a mom or dad. I am called to do everything within my power to be the answer and to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, because I represent Him to the world.

It is so simple. If there is a problem, then we must do something about it.

The first step is awareness. The next step is changing hearts, which can only be done by the Holy Spirit. We can make the whole world aware of the crisis in our nation, but we cannot make the world care. Only God can do that. But if we are faithful to do our part, He will be faithful and will change, soften, and turn hearts!

After hearts are moved, what comes next? ADOPTION. Adoption must become the norm. Until every child has a family. Until every person has a place where they belong. What does this mean for singles? What does it mean for those who already have biological children and are concerned about bringing kids in who are “rough”?

It is different for each individual and each family. But none of us are called to do nothing. If we ask, God will tell us how to be His hands and feet. It may look like opening our homes and taking in kids for a lifetime through adoption. It may look like consistently, steadily visiting a foster home to love the children who live there. It may look like simply being a spiritual mother or father to the child He places right in front of you.

Whatever it looks like, there is a dire need for mothers and fathers in the natural and in the spiritual, all over the earth. When the family is restored, the nation is restored. Family is the institution created by God for order, structure and life on earth. When that institution is broken or twisted, society as we know it is also broken and twisted. Revival will come when we return to the Lord, and return to how things were meant to be.

There is a call being sounded right now for fathers and mothers to rise up and come into their places. We have got a crisis on our hands, an emergency. It is time for us to respond to the alarms, and become the answer. We have all that is necessary to fix this. We have it, because IT IS JESUS’ HEART and where He guides, He provides.

>>>>WAKE UP CALL<<<< If things continue the way they are, we will not survive. The children that are not growing up with a family are the future of our nation. The children that are growing up believing that they are ugly, stupid, and unwanted are going to be running this nation in a few years. The children that have been forgotten, abused, and neglected are our future leaders. If they do not get healing, our nation’s entire DNA will change. America will be a very dark place in a few years if something doesn’t happen to change that.

If we as the church will step out in faith to be the answer, the Lord will do something greater than we ever thought possible. We will be used to change the nation, write history and usher in a culture of LIFE. WE can be used, right where we are, to RESTORE AMERICA.

God is searching for His servants who will answer this cry. I am determined to be one of them!

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