May Jesus’ Name be Lifted High as we Press On and Go….

That moment in time, in the summer of 2011. Though it was nearly 3 months, it feels like merely a moment in time.


It was a divine appointment of destiny. Young 20 and 30-something world-changers, history-writers, earth-shakers were gathered by the hand of God, from every corner of the earth. Little flames from all over the globe were stirred up, then thrown together, and what resulted was a gigantic explosion of FIRE that only fed itself as it grew and grew into an all consuming and blazing flame of destiny that would sweep away anything in its’ way.


This fire was then released all over the earth as we were all launched out to every corner of the earth. Some to be doctors, lawyers, models, stay-at-home moms, musicians, businessmen and businesswomen, dancers, writers, painters, creaters, dreamers.

It was a summer of dreaming. Dreaming God’s dreams with Him. Seeing with new eyes. Being taken up to a level where our entire perspective was shifted.

Never before in my life have the words “For such a time as this” been more real.


The LORD of hosts gathered His children from across the globe, to get us together, blazing with His holy love and passion, to release us into His purpose and plan for us as an army of forerunners showcasing the beauty and glory of God.

And what place did He choose to be the setting for this? A giant, kingly mansion? A huge, ritzy convention center? A grand hotel?

No, He chose the dirt.


He chose to place us all right beside the poor and broken in Mozambique, Africa.
The tools He used to shape us and form us for our lifetime of kingdom work? Dirt, poverty, brokenness.


He gathered us to tell us “You’re the ones.” He gathered us to give us His vision for our lives, that we were the ones, the chosen children of the King to carry His message to the world, to rescue the dying, to find the lost, to carry the broken, to gather the harvest. He gathered us there in the dirt to tell us that the harvest is ripe, and we are the laborers.


DESTINY oozed forth with every word of life from the Lord, through preachers, through worship, and through the lips of our fellow comrades in this army on the rise.


Tonight I can’t stop thinking about that summer. I can’t believe God chose ME to be part of it. I can’t believe that I was hand-picked by the King of Kings to step into a story so much bigger and greater than mine, and that I get to live in this story every day.

It’s not fantasy, it’s reality. This is real. I am called to change the world, shake the globe, write history, and see heaven invade earth. It’s my destiny to see the Lord in all His glory. It’s my destiny to walk hand-in-hand with Him as He brings His kingdom down to earth. It’s my destiny to be a pioneer, pressing on into uncharted territory, blazing a trail of glory, passion and fire. It’s my destiny to be a pilgrim and a stranger in the earth, because I belong to another world.


I am blood-bought, and heaven is my home. It’s my destiny to see God’s kingdom come, and His will be done, on earth just like it is in heaven. I am ransomed, redeemed, called and now I go. I run the race that has been set before me, and when I fall, I don’t give up. I let Him pick me up and then I keep running.

That one summer. It changed my life. It changed my heart. I will never be the same. We were all changed. Together, as a whole. It bound us together as sons and daughters of the Most High. It bound us with bonds that will never be broken.


That one summer was all it took to awaken me to REALITY: That I am royalty. That I was made for greatness. That I have a high calling. And that I must answer it.


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