Glory, Beauty and the Wonder of it All.

One thing I know is this: I’ve got to make time to breathe. What I mean by breathe, is just to be alive. It’s when I choose to go lay in the hammock instead of the hundred things on my to-do list that seem like an urgent emergency. It’s when I choose to be still instead of in a hurry.

What is it about beauty that makes the heart come alive?

What is it about romance that so draws us in and moves us?
Why do passion, commitment, faithfulness and romance move our hearts so very strongly?

I lay in the grass and stare up at the sky and I feel free


I gaze at mighty mountains all around me and I feel like I’m home


I run barefoot through hills and I feel absolutely captivated and captivating


I lose myself in the ocean and I feel completely loved…



…It’s because I was made for glory.


It’s because the whole of creation was made for romance. It’s because everyone and everything was created by a God who is beautiful. It’s because we were made to shine.

This is why I come alive when I’m outside, when I go barefoot, when I feel wind in my hair and sun on my face. Because I was made for glory, for freedom and for life in abundance.

I love knowing that Someone greater than I is in control of my life and is sovereign over all. I love knowing that Someone more wise, more powerful and more loving than I, is in control of my life.

I was made for greatness.
I was made for fellowship and communion with God, and with his people.

I was made for beauty. To behold it, display it and radiate it.

I was made for God. He is why I am alive.


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