Winter, Stillness, and the God who Doesn’t Change

I fall in love with it every year.



It’s not my favorite season, but I always grow to love it. It’s because during the winter I feel the nearness of the Lord’s presence and warmth in a very tender way that is different than spring, summer and fall. I draw so near to Him in this season, and He draws so near to me.

Curling up in my favorite chair right next to the big window, candles flickering on the table, journal and a steaming cup of tea in my hand, I look outside at the glittery white powder sent from heaven to fall on the land, hear the wind howl as day gives way to night, and I feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit. He’s so near, so close.


Elisabeth Elliott said, “My faith is to rest not in the outcome I think God should work out for me, my faith is to rest in who God is. …the quietness of my heart is the fruit of an absolute confidence in God.”

When my heart is quiet within me and not anxious, afraid, or worried, that quietness is a screaming testimony of my confidence in Him. Confidence in His character, His nature, His goodness and faithfulness, His never-failing love, and His leadership and ordering of my steps. The quiet of winter and the silence of creation hushed and hidden beneath snow and ice, waiting to spring into life again, they mirror my desire to be still before the Lord.

There’s something about stillness.

My heart echoes the winter season in my own life, and I find that I have been stilled within, waiting for my Maker to give the word by which I will blossom into new life.

Right now, before spring comes, my heart is still. It is quiet within me. Just as the blanket of snow covers the ground and the trees and all of our city, I find my heart covered by peace, and all my hope is in the Lord. I have confident expectation that He who began a good work is faithful to complete it. I have full confidence that God finishes what He starts. I have full trust in His ability to lead me where I am supposed to go, and to get me to the place He wants to be. I have full trust in His leadership – that He knows the exact circumstances and the exact timing of those circumstances to bring my heart to the place of full bridal partnership with Him and all His ways.

My Father knows what He’s doing.

I surrender to His hand, and in the silence I wait. There is a warmth and nearness of His presence to be found here that I don’t want to miss.

I wrote a simple song 2 years ago as I battled the season of winter in my heart. It goes like this:

Don’t rush the winter, for soon it will be spring. In silence, wait upon Him; in waiting, learn to lean.



So as I am sitting here wearing cozy socks and looking out at the snowy sunset, with no way to make anything happen on my own, I rest in trust and peace, and my eyes are on the joy set before me. For I know my God never fails, and He will never leave me hanging. I will see His faithfulness in my life. With my own two eyes I will see tangible evidence of His goodness and faithfulness, and with my lips I will testify of His character forever.


Winter, please don’t feel rushed. Just stay here, while I lean on my Beloved, stay here, and let your skies bring forth favor and snow- blessing on this land, and draw me ever closer to the warmth of His presence.

I choose to welcome every season of the soul. I choose to embrace every season the Lord brings me into. I choose to be still, for in the end we all must submit to a timetable and a leadership greater than our own -one that is much better than ours.

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