Never Forget 7/7/07 – Memoirs and Heart Stirrings

Tonight as I curl up to the sound of a raging thunderstorm outside my window, I recall that this day marks 7 years since the day my life changed forever. It was a day that forever marked me and transformed me in a way I never dreamed. It was one of the best days of my life.

Now, it is so much more than a memory; it is etched upon my heart forever, is part of who I am.

I awoke the morning of July 7, 2007, in Nashville Tennessee. Seventeen years young and full of passion and life, I already anticipated the glory that this day would bring.

Just as the sun was rising, thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown Nashville towards Titan Stadium. The sky was beautiful in its’ morning glory, and my heart was burning within me.

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I could feel the weight of this day, and what it would mean for America, for the nations, and for the people of God everywhere.

I looked straight ahead, surrounded by people on all sides, and the reality of what I was seeing marked my heart in the best way possible: A sea of people, stretching as far as the eye could see, marching, silent and steadfast. The only sound was the shuffling of the feet on the pavement, no one talking, no outside noise, every heart still and somber. As I listened to that sound of thousands of shoes shuffling on the concrete, I heard it.

“This is my remnant. There is so much hope for America.”

photo from Sons to Glory by Paul Jablonowski

We marched on, my heart feeling the significance of what the day would bring: we would give ourselves to God this day, as a family and as a nation.

I was gripped with the fear of the Lord standing in that stadium as I wept tears of repentance for my nation, feeling the burden of the weight of sin in America. Many tears were shed for the tragedy of abortion, pornography and the lust of the flesh and eyes, and the turning of our back on the One who so had so lavishly favored us with His presence, and the foundation of faith our forefathers had left to carry on through generations, that we had slowly drifted further from with every passing year.

This was a pivotal time in history.

I and so many others who had gathered on this day recognized the direction our country was headed. We saw the moral decline of all that we once held dear, and the turning away from all that had once defined us and given us life and prosperity. We felt the urgency of our need for repentance, to turn our hearts once again toward the One who had so graced us. We were there to proclaim that a change was coming to our nation and that as long as we were alive and breathing, we would do all that we could to see that that change was a righteous, holy change and that America would live and not die.

I felt the sorrow of a God who had pledged Himself to us, and given us peace, prosperity and abundance, only to watch our nation spiral downward, turning our eyes to the things of the world and setting our hearts on money, power and success.

What must it be like to look on a people you love and see them giving in to the lusts of their flesh and the selfishness and depravity of man’s desire for pleasure, comfort, wealth, fame and self-exaltation? My heart was gripped.

We as a nation had received so very much from God’s hand, and yet, on this summer day in 2007, our eyes were opened to see our own depravity in letting the abundance make us hungry for more yet never satisfied, thereby unleashing our inner greed, arrogance and high and lofty self-bestowed identities.

I felt the deep pain of the Father who loves lavishly yet the object of this affection uses it for their own personal gain, taking advantage of it time and time again all the while growing more stiff-necked and obese with their own selfishness.

I felt the longing and desire of this Father for real and deep relationship, but more than that: genuine worship and exaltation of Jesus. I felt the zeal of the Almighty for His own namesake, and the passion for His glory that drove Him to the lowest place of humility – the cross.

I felt the fear of the LORD and the gripping weight of what our sin had done to us as a nation but also what it had done to Him.

And my spirit wept.

From sun up to sun down, my heart was re-establishing covenant with the heart of God in my own life, and crying out in intercession for the United States of America.

And then, as the cool breeze of the night broke in and bright stars emerged in the rich dark sky, I felt sweet release: the pleasure of God, His smile, His joy, His light.

He was taking us back. America still belonged to God.

It was then that I knew we had turned a corner in our nation and I could taste the hope of bright and shining revival on the horizon.

That is why I can say with full confidence to you today, 7 years later:

There is still hope for America.

We fell into darkness as a nation, but the Lord loves mercy.

The people of God in America, not only in Nashville, but all over the four corners of the land who had felt the stirring in their hearts to repentance, had heeded the word of the LORD:

“If my people who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chr. 7:14)

We will never know the full reality of all that happened on that day and all the LORD did. But that day has gone down in the history books – a day of fasting, weeping and mourning – as the day that forever bridged a gap that had grown between two hearts: the heart of America and the heart of God.

All the walls came crashing down and these 2 hearts were reunited. And today, 7 years later, as darkness becomes increasingly darker,

LIGHT has become bright and brilliant.

Now more than ever, I feel it: The kingdom of God is coming and is nearer than ever before.

I feel my heart stirring as I type this:

God is NOT done with America yet.

We have yet to see what real and lasting revival will do to our nation. We stand right at the edge of awakening we have not yet known.

My heart burns within me as I hear the whisper of the Lord saying,


Remember that day, remember our covenant, remember my faithfulness.


It is time to leave the things of the world behind.

It is time to shut our eyes from worthless things, and open them to the unsearchable glory of Christ.

It is time to shift our spiritual apathy and worldly passion to spiritual passion and worldly apathy. We must shake off our fascination with all the things the world is fascinated with.

There exists a far greater fascination, a much higher pleasure, a more worthy cause.

There is a movement that is going places, and God has called us to catch His vision and listen to what the Spirit is saying so that we might go where He goes.

We are alive in this day and time for a reason.

You and I are breathing right now, today, because there is a purpose for us to fulfill.

I feel destiny awakening bright in my heart today.

Let us walk out the purpose for which we were created and turn our hearts fully to the only one worthy, breaking every tie with all others.

For we were born for such a time as this.

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