Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Stop Hoping

Here’s the thing, heart. I know that where you are right now feels like the end. How it feels like the story’s over. How it looks like this is it.

But listen, heart. Listen to me. As long as you are still beating, it’s not over.

You’re still beating, heart, and that means the story hasn’t finished.

I know you’re heavy, heart, and I know sometimes, you even wish you didn’t have to keep on beating.

But heart, listen to me. If you can, wake up tomorrow while it’s still dark and go sit by the window. Wait there, and watch for it.

Wait there in the dark, while you ache and want nothing more than to just run and hide under the covers in the dark, be anywhere but here.

Tap into that tiny sliver of courage that’s still alive in you, and use it to go sit by that window and wait.

Don’t check out. Don’t let the darkness that engulfs you distract you from what’s about to happen.

Because heart? Something’s about to happen.

It will start slow at first, but as it awakens, it will be brilliant. It will seem sudden.

The dawn.

As the sky breaks with just the tiniest light, can you feel it?

Heart, can you taste it?

Hope is there.

It’s there, and it’s real.

As long as the sun keeps on rising every morning, hope is never dead. 

Every morning, the darkness drowns in the brilliance of the light.

Why should you keep on beating, heart? Why should you keep getting out of bed and watching for that sunrise, and keep on going to work and trying and crying and moving forward?

Because there’s an ending to your story, and this isn’t it. This darkness, this ache, this place you find yourself but have no idea why you’re here, is not the end.

Hope is telling you that there’s a better ending, a good ending. This story is not over.

Nothing is too hard for God.

Nothing surprises Him.

Nothing throws Him for a loop.

Nothing makes Him anxious.

Nothing about your story makes God nervous.

Because heart?

He knows where it’s all going. He’s still being faithful to that plan of His for you.

Everything’s going according to plan.

And He has not forgotten you.

The night must bow and give way to the day, every time.

Light always wins.

Even when it looks impossible, light always drowns out darkness.

So, heart?

Keep beating. Your story is taking a turn for glory and the countdown is now.

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