The Sweet Seasons, Not Needing God, and How 3 Words Change Everything

There are three words that could forever change the way we live our lives, if we knew that we would hear them at the end of it all, when all’s been said and done. These words could propel us into wildly seeking God with all of our hearts in every season of our lives, if we’d let them. They’re not what you’d expect, perhaps. Follow along, and you’ll see what I mean.

You would think that the hardest time to love God would be in the midst of suffering and anguish – when dark storms come rolling into your life. When everything comes crashing down around you and all is falling apart.

I’ve found, however, that those times make me run straight to Him like nothing else. Those are the times I need Him – desperately. I’m desperate for His help, His hand, His peace, His direction. The times that become the most fertile ground for spiritual growth are the dark, desperate times where I’ve run out of all other options.

So in those times, I run to Him. Every day I cry out to Him. I soak up His Word as if my spirit is in a coma – and His Word is the life support keeping it going. The moments that I’ve grown in Him the most were in these dark times.

But what about when life is good, and beautiful? When storms are nowhere to be found and every day is full of favor and blessing?

It’s hard to seek Him in these seasons – because I don’t need Him. I’m not desperate for a gulp of air while drowning in the sea of life’s storms. I’m good, life is going great, I’m happy. So I don’t need Him.

But really I do need Him, perhaps even more.

Here’s why: If I let my heart drift along the river of goodness without sustaining the intimacy that comes from knowing Him – from today’s fresh word – I am dying slowly, just as I die suddenly in those dark times.

We cannot let our relationship with Him fade away in good seasons. We must be vibrant in every season. We must know Him in every phase of life, every set of circumstances that we face. We must know Him as the God over storms. We also must know Him as the God over blessing, prosperity, favor, peace.

If we only know Him when times are dark, we don’t have the full picture of Him.

He is God. He is sovereign in our dark times, and sovereign in our good times.

God doesn’t change when our seasons go from storm to sun, or vice versa. He is the same God in the light as He is in the dark. It’s imperative that we know Him and seek Him with all of our hearts in both of these times. We need the full picture of who He is.

How do we keep our intimacy with Him in every season of the soul? We must fight for it.

That means daily seeking Him, when we feel like we’d be fine if we didn’t.

I don’t want my heart to grow cold. I want to stand before Him at the end of my life, holding a bright and shining lamp, lit by the fire of intimacy – the knowing Him – that comes from communion with Him in every season of my life.

I want to hear Him say these words:

I know this one. She knows me. I was with her in every stage of her life. She pursued me in the good and the bad. She ran to me when life was hard, and when it was beautiful. She always put me first, seeking me out before anyone/anything. She cultivated the oil that makes her lamp shine bright. She spoke to me, day-by-day, and listened to my voice. She let my Word sink deep into her heart and soul. This is my bride, my beloved and my friend. I know her. Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home.”

Friends, the oil for our lamps is communion with God.

May we seek, for the rest of our days, to get oil. To see this oil as the most costly, most important thing we ever pursue. To see it as the prize – knowing Him as the prize. To set our eyes upon that day when we’ll really see Him, and to do everything we can to hear Him say these words to us:

“I know you.”

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