When God Says Yes

Dear friend,

I see you.

You’re disappointed.

This isn’t where you thought you’d be by now.

This isn’t what you planned – this doesn’t even look like what God spoke to you in the place of prayer. This looks nothing like the promises He gave you that made your heart swell with joy.

You’ve been in the place of no sight, fog all around you, and learning to trust with your heart.

You’ve been in the place of refining. Your heart has been broken under the weight of it all. Your soul has wondered if this is all worth it. Your mind has been clouded with multitudes of swirling thoughts and anxieties.

You’ve felt it in your heart:



Hold on.

Just trust me.

No answers in sight. No end in sight.

You feel like all God says to you is No.

You’ve been walking this path for a long time, like a dark tunnel you can’t see the end of.

Dear friend, I know where you’ve been. I’ve walked through it too.

And I’m not claiming that I’m done or arrived or lesson learned, or especially that I’m never going to walk a road like this again.

But friend, I want to whisper to your heart today:

You’ve been faithful.

You’ve held on, when you barely had strength to do so.

You’ve set your face like flint even in the midst of all the noise telling you to just give up, it’s not worth it. 

You’ve purposed to be a fighter. To fight for what you know is true – that He is good.

You’ve fallen down a hundred times.

You’ve landed on your bed in tears.

You have said yes to Him, again and again.

Friend, you have done well.

And do you know something? He is so, so proud of you.

Thank you for running this race with endurance.

Thank you for not walking away from everything you know because it got hard, or the path got a little dark. Because many have chosen that. It’s easy to choose that. But you didn’t, tempted though you might have been.

Thank you for rising up and being courageous, and moving forward, climbing your steep mountain of faith, even though you felt so very weak.

Thank you for not abandoning the path when it got rocky, when you saw that it wasn’t an easy, flat road of comfort. You said “I’m going to really do this. Because I love Him.

I thank you, and God thanks you. He is so proud of you.

And now? I want to speak life and hope to you, right now, wherever you are, in the midst of whatever you’re going through:

Get ready.

Get ready for when God says yes.

Get ready for a new season, like that first hint of crisp autumn air after a long, hard summer. Like that first glimpse of a spring coming to melt away a cold, dark winter.

Get ready for the door to open.

Get ready for the light to break in and chase away the dark. The sudden light that bursts through your dark tunnel and leads you right on out.

Get ready for a new place of breakthrough, where all you knew was hardship, fight, trying to hold on.

Get ready for God to answer the cries of your heart. For those promises He spoke long ago to suddenly be fulfilled. Because He can change things in a moment – an instant. Because nothing is too hard for Him.

Get ready, dear faithful heart.

If you’ve been waiting and longing and holding on with everything you have, and falling down but getting back up and asking, “How long, Lord?

Get ready. Because nothing can describe the amazement, wonder, pure joy, of when God says yes.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of the changing of a season, the shifting of circumstances, the answer to prayers, after a long, dark night of disappointment and hope deferred.

Nothing can prepare you for the laughter that will bubble up in your soul when God says yes, and you feel the delight of a good Father who had good planned all along, and who has purposed in every season, every moment, every situation, to do you good and not harm all the days of your life.

Can you feel that? Hope is rising up in you. Let it fill you with anticipation, joy, life. Let it strengthen your weary knees and give life to your heart sick with hope deferred. Let it be the guiding light out of that tunnel you thought would never end.

Because you haven’t even gotten to the good part of the story yet. The story is far from over. This is not where it ends. The best parts are yet unwritten. It’s a wild and beautiful story just dripping with the goodness of God.

You thought it was all over. You thought all was lost. You thought He’d forgotten.

But friend, listen:

He’s so, so good. He is so much better than you ever thought He was.

And He’s about to show you.

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