Just a 20-something wife and mama to the most darling little girl, writing all the things. Sometimes my words touch people and move hearts, but most often they are simple. Above all else, I live to know Christ and make Him known, in my small corner of the world.

I’m married to a very kind and patient, adventurous, crazy bearded man. Together we are parents to the most darling little girl, who fills our days (and nights) with the most delightful loud squeals and gummy smiles. We’re planting roots here in the heartland of the USA, but if we weren’t in the Midwest, we’d definitely be somewhere warm and sunny, preferably next to a beach.

I’m a freelance writer and blogger, and I also work full-time at a day job. I’m obsessed with the ocean, long drives, almond lattes, good spotify playlists, thunderstorms, and long instagram captions. I’m an INFJ, but that I is pretty much interchangeable with E. I never wear jewelry and my wardrobe is made up entirely of black, white, and blue. My house must be full of houseplants or bouquets of flowers at all times, and I prefer unsweet tea, even though I’m a southern girl.

I hate gossip, snow in any month besides December, and baked beans.

I love deep friendships, fish tacos, and Target runs.

If I weren’t a writer, I’d be an interior designer. Home decor is my absolute favorite hobby, and I adore putting together spaces.

When I’m not working, you will most likely find me outside – barefoot.

I’m glad you stopped by. Here’s hoping you read something in these pages that causes your heart to come alive, and to love our Savior more than you did before.