The 9 Months After

It’s February. There’s a chill in the air like no other. A kidney stone, a five-day hospital stay, and a traumatic birth bring her into the world two weeks early. I fall back onto the bed, surely dying, but then they hand me a wailing newborn. She’s orange with jaundice - tiny and helpless, screaming.… Continue reading The 9 Months After

My Postpartum Depression Story & Real Hope For New Moms

Every new parent will tell you that the newborn days are a blur, and it's true. You lose track of what day it is, what time it is, and whether it's day or night. You're up around the clock, so your entire rhythm is thrown completely out of whack. You're exhausted, overwhelmed, and all you… Continue reading My Postpartum Depression Story & Real Hope For New Moms