Anxiety & The Dark Side of Hope

Sometimes I hate my own heart's desires. I guess because of past experience. Whenever I've strongly desired something in the past, I've had to struggle with it for years and wrestle with the feeling that God doesn't see or care, and a million other lies about Him and about me, that swirl through my mind… Continue reading Anxiety & The Dark Side of Hope

Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Stop Hoping

Here's the thing, heart. I know that where you are right now feels like the end. How it feels like the story's over. How it looks like this is it. But listen, heart. Listen to me. As long as you are still beating, it's not over. You're still beating, heart, and that means the story… Continue reading Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Stop Hoping

Never Forget 7/7/07 – Memoirs and Heart Stirrings

Tonight as I curl up to the sound of a raging thunderstorm outside my window, I recall that this day marks 7 years since the day my life changed forever. It was a day that forever marked me and transformed me in a way I never dreamed. It was one of the best days of… Continue reading Never Forget 7/7/07 – Memoirs and Heart Stirrings