The Night is Never the End

I'm heartbroken. I feel the sadness of this heartache pierce me nearly every day. I'm heartbroken…but I'm also angry. This place I call home - this place I live in and work in and grow older in - it's broken. I'm living in a broken home. It's cold. It's dark. The earth seems to be reeling… Continue reading The Night is Never the End

Never Forget 7/7/07 – Memoirs and Heart Stirrings

Tonight as I curl up to the sound of a raging thunderstorm outside my window, I recall that this day marks 7 years since the day my life changed forever. It was a day that forever marked me and transformed me in a way I never dreamed. It was one of the best days of… Continue reading Never Forget 7/7/07 – Memoirs and Heart Stirrings

May Jesus’ Name be Lifted High as we Press On and Go….

That moment in time, in the summer of 2011. Though it was nearly 3 months, it feels like merely a moment in time. It was a divine appointment of destiny. Young 20 and 30-something world-changers, history-writers, earth-shakers were gathered by the hand of God, from every corner of the earth. Little flames from all over… Continue reading May Jesus’ Name be Lifted High as we Press On and Go….

time, wisdom, and remembering to abide.

Tonight looks like rain. Steady, pouring, giving-life-to-the-earth rain. Tonight looks like a T-shirt and yoga pants, socks and a messy bun, curled up with a steaming cup of vanilla-chamomile tea. And I'm reminded of how good it feels to just breathe. As I recollect, I realize that so many moments in my day-to-day living are… Continue reading time, wisdom, and remembering to abide.