When the Answer is No, or when there is No Answer.

I always read stories (true stories) of crazy miracles happening in people's lives and God breaking in at just the right time. Just when they thought all was lost, a miracle happens and it is so evident because of the drastic contrast between the before and after of the miracle. I read these stories, and… Continue reading When the Answer is No, or when there is No Answer.

How to Let Yourself be Loved

It happened again. Someone unexpectedly bought my lunch today. The last few months people have spent money on me, given their time to being with me, and shown they value me in many different ways. This is good, right? Well, yes. It's wonderful. But there's something wrong. ....Me. What is this thing that rises up… Continue reading How to Let Yourself be Loved

because he doesn’t have to, but he does

"Why is everything so beautiful?" That thought must have run through my mind 20 times on my walk today. Everything was just so beautiful and it's like I was seeing with new eyes. The way the sunlight was making the leaves glimmer and the wind was making them dance...was making me cry. Yahweh. He dreamed… Continue reading because he doesn’t have to, but he does