Sentimental Heart-Bleeds about Life and Living it Well

They happen to everyone. The graduation-day goodbyes to a group of friends that have become more like family and we can spend all day and probably even multiple days feeling the weight of the fact that life changes and people leave and people stay and most of these people we've so grown to love over… Continue reading Sentimental Heart-Bleeds about Life and Living it Well

Getting Back to What’s Real

So I'm just rollin along, living the life that's been set in front of me, thinking how different "actual" life is from the life I always pictured. That's how it always works, isn't it? Just to be honest, back when I was 16 or so, I expected right now to be married, maybe even with… Continue reading Getting Back to What’s Real

because he doesn’t have to, but he does

"Why is everything so beautiful?" That thought must have run through my mind 20 times on my walk today. Everything was just so beautiful and it's like I was seeing with new eyes. The way the sunlight was making the leaves glimmer and the wind was making them dance...was making me cry. Yahweh. He dreamed… Continue reading because he doesn’t have to, but he does